2014 Dates                         

Date                               City                       Venue                    Artists

Jan 10th, 2014              Halifax, NS            Michael’s Bar         Brass Taxxx & Scoop Outs

Feb 8th, 2014               Moncton, NB          Plan B Lounge       Gloryhound

Mar 21st, 2014             Halifax, NS             Michael’s Bar         The State of Alaska, The Brass Taxxx, Verse The Sun

Mar 28th, 2014             Dartmouth, NS       Monte’s Bar            Brass Taxxx

Apr 25th, 2014              Halifax, NS            The Seahorse         Jessie Brown & The Black Divine, The Holy Snappers

Jun 6th, 2014                Halifax, NS            Gus’ Pub                Non Stop Action, Lead Mule

July 8th, 2014               Halifax, NS            The Seahorse         New Music Tuesdays with Natalie Lynn, Crystal Porter

July 11th, 2014             Darmouth, NS        Jacob’s Lounge      The State of Alaska, Scoop Outs, Odd Socks

Aug 9th, 2014              Sydney, NS            Governor’s              Carmen Townsend, Floodland

Aug 23rd, 2014            Moncton, NB          Plan B Lounge        Andreas, Carmen Townsend, Savage Young

Sept 15th, 2014           Halifax, NS            Gus’ Pub                  The Holy Snappers, Von Rebels, Depthcharger

Nov 8th, 2014              Truro, NS              NSMW

Nov 13th, 2014            Dartmouth, NS      Jacob’s Lounge        THE DGB, The Donairs, The Cannisters

Dec 4th, 2014              Halifax, NS           The Pavilion

Dec 6th, 2014              Halifax, NS            Gus’ Pub                 Cheap Gas & Natalie Lynn

2015 Dates                         

Jan 16th, 2015             Truro, NS              Champions Bar       Old Blood

Jan 30th, 2015             Halifax, NS            Gus’ Pub                River Nihil, Qing Fabulous

Feb 7th 2015               Moncton, NB         Plan B Lounge        Black City Avenger

Feb 14th, 2015            Halifax, NS            Codapop Studios    State of Alaska, The Big Get Even & Ben Edwards

Feb 28th 2015             Halifax, NS            The Oasis              With Broken Ohms, Chaos Theory

May 2nd, 2015             Halifax, NS            Gus’ Pub               The Bad Lads, Depth Charger, Sorrys

June 6th, 2015             Halifax, NS            The Seahorse        Lead Mule

June 19th, 2015           Truro, NS              Champions Bar       Lead Mule

June 20th, 2015           Moncton, NB         Plan B Lounge        Lead mule, Berlin FM and Crystal Porter

June 21st, 2015           Quebec, QC           Le Cercle               Fun Funeral & SawDust

June 23rd, 2015           Toronto, ON           The Hideout           RFIM & Freedom and the Astronaut

June 24th, 2015           Peterborough, ON   The Spill               Piss Locusts & Scam

June 25th, 2015           Montreal, QC         Barfly Bar               The Mighty FFud & Sawtooth

June 26th, 2015           Moncton, NB         Plan B Lounge        Wescut & Jessie Brown

June 27th, 2015           Charlottetown, PE  Baba’s lounge        The Great Lakes

July 4th, 2015              Halifax, NS            The Oasis               The Scoop Outs, Burger, Fries and Pop & Non Stop Action

July 11th, 2015            Charlottetown, PE    Fishbones            The Stogies

July 18th, 2015            St. John, NB          Panic Room            Verse the Sun

July 21st, 2015            Halifax, NS            Men’s and Mollyz    The Flat, The Maxwells

July 30th, 2015           Corner Brook, NFLD   Swirsky’s            Steel Mountain and Coffin Rock

July 31st, 2015            St. John’s, NFLD       CBTG’s bar          KG’s Law & DT & The Dinosaurs

Aug 1st, 2015               St. John’s, NFLD     CBTG’s bar          Lying Season, 20 Eyes and Rough Surf

Aug 29th, 2015            Halifax, NS            The Seahorse         Hitman

Oct 30th, 2015             Halifax, NS            Gus’ pub                Holy Snappers, MVNMTS and Victor’s Van

Nov 5th, 2015              Yarmouth, NS        Dooly’s Bar            NSMW

Nov 14th, 2015            Sydney NS            Governor’s Pub     Born to Die in Berlin, Keith Doom & The Wrecking Crew

Nov 27th, 2015            Halifax, NS            Gus’ Pub                River Nihil, Qing Fabulous, Pyramid Schemes, Burgerfriespop

Nov 28th, 2015            Dartmouth, NS       CD Heaven           Non-Stop Action

Dec 19th, 2015            Halifax, NS            Menz & Mollyz       Depth Charger, 40 minutes to 5, Burgers Fries Pop

2016 Dates                         

Jan 8th, 2016                 Halifax, NS            The Oasis              ELECTRIC SPOONFUL& RUNAWAY DAWSON

Jan 8th, 2016                 Halifax, NS            Casino                  Natalie Lynn and The Dang Danglers

Jan 23rd, 2016             Halifax, NS            Codapop

Mar 25th, 2016            Yarmouth, NS        The Red Knight      Rain Over St. Ambrose

April 1st, 2016             Moncton, NB         Phaze III                 Natalie Lynn

April 14th, 2016           Sydney, NS           ECMA’s

April 16th, 2016           Sydney, NS           ECMA’s                  Roland Members’ Lounge – presented by SpinCount

April 29th, 2016           Halifax, NS            The Seahorse       Russian Roulette

May 14th, 2016           Fredericton, NB     The Capital           Chaos Theory and Lionsault

May 21st, 2016           Moncton, NB          Plan B Lounge      Burgerfriespop, FM Berlin

June 11th, 2016          Montreal, Qc         Barfly                      Sawtooth, Les Sales Machines

June 12, 2016             Ottawa, ON         Rainbow Room

June 13th, 2016          Oshawa, ON        The Atria

June 15th, 2016          Kingston, ON      The Mansion

June 16th, 2016          Peterborough       Red Dog                     CallField

June 17th, 2016          Toronto, ON        The Hideout              NXNE Festival

June 18th, 2016          Bowmanville       Manandler Brew Pub

June 24th, 2016          Halifax, NS         Menz and Mollyz        Hatchet Lake, Lead Mule, Space Age

July 8th, 2016              Moncton, NB      Plan B Lounge            Lead Mule, Crystal Porter & The Motorleague

July 9th, 2016             Ripples, NB        The Hollywood Star Room  Lead Mule, Crystal Porter

July 23rd, 2016           Halifax, NS          Gus’ Pub                     Cocaine Moustache, Spew & Versifist

Aug 6th, 2016             Saint John, NB    Pepper’s Pub               Kerouacs

Aug 20th, 2016           Shediac, NB        Parlee Beach Music Festival

Nov 5th, 2016             Truro, NS            NSMW

Dec 3rd, 2016             Halifax, NS         The Pavilion                  Natalie Lynn, James Bradley Band & Dark Sky Parks

2017 Dates                         

April 27th, 2017           Saint John, NB     ECMA

May 27th, 2017           Moncton, NS       Plan B Lounge           Hatchet Lkae & Melovine

July 21st, 2017            Halifax, NS         Gus’ Pub                    Carmen Townsend, Hatchet Lake & Stonehouse

July 28th, 2017            New Glasglow    The Commune           Stonehouse, Hatchet Lake & Moon Logic

July 29th, 2017            Sydney, NS          Governer’s Pub       10 Slip & Hatchet Lake

Sept 15th, 2017           Halifax, NS          Timber Lounge

Sept 22nd, 2017          Halifax, NS          The Seahorse           Alert The Medic & Mike Bochoff

Nov 3rd, 2017              Truro, NS             NSMW

Nov 17th, 2017           Halifax, NS            Gus’ Pub                  Holy Snappers, Hitman & Fungus

Dec 15th, 2017            Moncton, NB        Plan B Lounge          Swift Kickers

2018 Dates

Feb 10th, 2018.           Halifax, NS.          Gus’ Pub                The Swiftkicks, Non Stop Action & Dirtbox

Mar 17th, 2018            Halifax, NS           Gus’ Pub                St. Patrick’s Day Show

April 6th, 2018      New Glasgow, NS      The Commune         Hatchet Lake, Matt Steele & Heavy Early

June 7th, 2018         Moncton, NB           Plan Lounge            Fungus & The Follow ups

June 8th, 2018         Montreal, QC           Barfly                       The Mighty Ffud & The Brie Face

June 9th, 2018         Peterborough, ON    The Historic Red Dog Tavern  Antixx & Basement Dweller

June 12th, 2018      Oshawa, ON            The Atria                   Eight Five Two & Cigar Hurt Babies

June 13th, 2018     Ottawa, ON               The Rainbow Bistro    The Maximum Chill

June 14th, 2018     Toronto, ON               The Hideout                The Reed Effect & Drop Top Alibi

June 16th, 2018     Windsor, NS              Old Moe’s Music Shop   Generation Idiot & Feedback Monkeys

June 23rd, 2018     Halifax, NS                Gus’ Pub                      Hatchet Lake, Which Witch is Which & The Holy Snappers

July 14th, 2018      Sydney, NS                Governor’s Pub            10 Slip & TBA