Heather Harris – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Dan Doran – Lead Guitar
Neil Spence – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Jon MacIsaac – Drums

Some feel the need to escape – everyday pressure, technology and the urgency to find your path in life. Sometimes they hear the call of the void: “Is anybody out there, I’ve been hanging on a little too long” a lyric in Kepler’s Star, a song about a star slowly dying from the inside out, screaming out to be heard until it finally explodes causing a stunning sight for the Universe to see. Call of the Void, Kilmore’s follow up to their debut EP, City Lights, has driven the band along a different musical avenue which includes maturing their sound and song writing. “We wanted to create an album that flowed through like the different sets of emotions a person can experience in life.” says vocalist, guitarist Heather Harris. “This is a darker album for us and we felt the need to embrace the rigid parts of life.”

ECMA and Music Nova Scotia winners, Kilmore is the dark horse that comes to town. “We work hard like the next musician but we hope to bring something different and not clutch on to things familiar. Each branch of the Kilmore group brings a different perspective which guides us in creating something authentic.” The results are an album with significant weight and emotions that are profoundly embedded in the depth of the psyche. Heavy groove and melodies you listen to on a road trip into the abyss.

Kilmore is Heather Harris (Guitar/Vocals), Dan Doran (Guitar), Neil Spence (Bass), and Jon MacIsaac (Drums)

Press Quotes:

“Infectious melodies with vocals toned to perfection, incredible musicianship with high production value, catchy hooks, metallic edge, and insatiable groove.”Ripple Music

“Call of the Void, the riffs are relentless as the band channels gloom through minor chords…The spirit of darkness breathes through the lyrics as Kilmore reminds us rock is alive and well.” – The Coast

“the heavy and bluesy sounds really drive home those themes of reckless behaviour and dark feelings… The band effectively portray their intended emotions and messages to the listener through their music while providing them with something to bang their head—or groove—to.”   – The East Magazine

“Brave the “Seven Seas” and Be Rewarded with KILMORE’s New Video”  – puregrainaudio.com

“brawny, distorted guitar licks, steadily pounding drums and wailing vocals akin to classic rock radio. This sets the tone for the four-piece’s muscular sound” – Exclaim!

“Like a gift bequeathed from the heavens, Kilmore’s City Lights EP is already available to stream online and it’s fantastic.” – The Coast – Halifax Weekly

They call themselves “riff-rock”, and if Led Zeppelin were a modern act, they’d probably sound like Kilmore” – theperfectscene.net

‘’Expect a high octane, no shit, rock show” – Guff Magazine


Loud Recording of the Year Winner – 2019 East Coast Music Awards

Loud Recording of the Year Winner – 2018 Music Nova Scotia Awards

Group Recording of the Year Nominee – 2018 Music Nova Scotia Awards

New Artist Recording of the Year Nominee – 2018 Music Nova Scotia Awards

Loud Recording of the Year Nominee – 2015 Music Nova Scotia Awards

Loud Recording of the Year Nominee – 2016 East Coast Music Awards