For nova scotia-based band Kilmore, music serves as a yearning for expression and escapism; a musical endeavor that sees them unearthing the realities of life through sounds and wanting to create something new. Their brand of music resides at the convergence of stoner and hard rock, featuring magnetically emotive passages contrasted against assaults of groove-forward aggression. Themes surrounding rebirth, love, hate, frustration, understanding, and the search for truth permeate their darker-edged sonic palette, one that navigates the nether regions of the human psyche. 

Kilmore was founded by Heather Harris (vocals, guitars) and Dan Doran (guitars), two siblings of Irish descent who moved to Canada when they were still young. They moved to Halifax in the 90s, growing up on a musical diet of grunge, an influence that still permeates their current sound today. The band formed in 2013, adding Neil Spence (bass) and Lor Sangster (drums) to the original lineup. Jon MacIsaac (drums) later replaced lor, completing the current lineup. 

Neil grew up in nova scotia, surrounded by music throughout this life. he has been playing music for 20+ years and has been a member since the beginning of Kilmore. Jon joined the band in 2019, another nova scotia native who grew up in a very musical family. he was brought up on influences largely consisting of artists like Bill Ward and Danny Carey and has conveyed a new impulse to the band. 

The award-winning rock group has had its fair share of accolades. their debut ep, ‘City Lights’ came out in 2015, propelling them into the limelight as they were nominated for a Music Nova Scotia Award, and an East Coast Music Award (ECMA). their sophomore full-length LP, ‘Call of the Void’ was nominated for 3 Music Nova Scotia awards along with another ECMA, and they took home two ‘Loud Recording of the Year’ awards. They are currently nominated for the “Loud Recording of the Year” at the 2023 Nova Scotia Music Awards. 

Kilmore have released their newest EP titled ‘From the Inside’ in 2023.